Crazy Bitches

They are everywhere! Your ex boyfriends new girlfriend loves you so much. She stalks your Youtube, Facebook and other public profiles. Warns you to stay away from him :O Just remember she is just jealous of how awesome you are and how amazing your new relationship is. I know it really is amazing, id be jealous too. This image really fits how i imagine these crazy bitches Lol. Good job this one is on the other side of the world :D Also where I live has some crazy people that all gossip and just make trouble. Sooo glad to be moving soon aaaaaa :O

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I know I hardly post on here and I should but I just don’t have time or sometimes patience to do reviews anymore. I have collected a bunch of boxsets, movies and games, so I would like to review them at some point. 

I have lost track of what movies I have actually seen at the cinema. Quite alot!! Would really love to see Gravity when it hits the UK. Got my Buffy Collectors set and watched the whole seven seasons. Nearing the end of Angel Season 1. Games wise, I have been playing Kingdom Hearts HD Collection, Grand Theft Auto 5, Assassins Creed 3, Rain on PSN and Assassins Creed Liberations (Vita). Yes I just bought a Vita! Bought Uncharted Golden Abyss, Touch My Katamari and Persona 4 Golden with it too. Managed to pick up some rare titles lately too. Picked up Project Zero 2 and 3 in very good condition on PS2, Echo Night Beyond, Wild Arms 3 and 4, Resident Evil Remake, Metal Gear Twin Snakes!! and Skies of Arcadia Legends (given to me by family). Kind of just got a streak of luck! Still trying to find Wild Arms 5, that seems nigh on impossible. My collections are slowly coming together. Right now I’m playing Beyond Two Souls which I’am enjoying so far :)

Cinema/Movie update

Watched Iron Man 3, really liked it, loved the twist, i can why fans would be mad though. Managed to see Cabin in The Woods too. That was really amazing, really liked the twist , pretty funny too.  Being a horror fan it was defo one of the best horror movies i have seen in a while, next to Evil Dead!

Currently watching Buffy Season 4 and started watching Angel Season 1. Still trying to decide if i want to review Buffy in the same style as Charmed..

Cinema Update

So went to see the Evil Dead remake. I enjoyed it alot and thought it was one of the better remakes to be honest. Reallyyy gory and funny. Couple of scenes made me jump. Really want to catch Oblivion, Trance, Iron Man 3 and Carrie remake….

Charmed Season 8


Writer - Various

Director - Various

Release Date – September 25, 2005 – May21, 2006 (2007 DVD)

Season 7 was supposed to be the final Season of Charmed but we got Season 8 afterwards. Due to budget cuts there were no costumes. The special effects and prosthetic’s were reduced significantly.

Due to copy-wright issues the title theme tune “How Soon Is It Now?” was replaced with a instrumental piece. The instrumental piece does the job but you cant help miss the classic theme you were used to for seven Seasons! The sisters start out the Season with alternate identity’s, even the Demons don’t know they are alive. We see the arrival of a new character , the young witch Billie Jenkins (Kaley Cuoco) who becomes a major part of the story. Billie wants to find her sister Christy (Marnette Patterson) who was abducted by demons as a child. As the Charmed ones try to get back to a normal life without demons they are told of a new power, the ultimate battle. Who could it be? We see the return of many old characters and new ones, Coop (Victor Webster), Henry Mitchell (Ivan Sergei) , Agent Murphy (Brandon Quinn) and of course Billy and Christy.

Season Highlights

“Desperate Housewitches”

Leo is training Billie. Wyatt’s nursery teacher Mandy (Michelle Stafford) is not who she seems to be…A old enemy is resurrected! Magic School has now been taken over by Demons and Phoebe has trouble with her new bf Dex. I really liked this episode because of the certain enemy that was resurrected. Also got to love how Mandy looks like the character Bree Van De Kamp from Desperate Housewife’s :P

“The Lost Picture Show”  

A demon traps the souls of people in photographs. The sisters much save one of the victims, JD (Jay Kenneth Johnson) Sam appears in this episode!! JD is Sam’s charge and he say’s JD went missing in 1955. Piper and Leo end up switching bodies which is hilarious. There is a lot going on in this episode but it was really nice to see Sam again and there is some great scenes between him and Paige.

“Vaya Con Leos”

Piper sees the Angel of Death (Simon Templeman) and is worried for her sisters. Things take a turn for the worst when Leo ends up in hospital. Piper is determined to save Leo. Billie is still trying to find out what happened to Christy. Paige and Henry go on a date. It was really nice to see Death again and the acting from Holly Marie Combs and Brian Krause was great. Such a sad episode. 

“Engaged and Confused”

Piper is setting up a engagement party for Paige and Henry. Demons are plotting to have the Charmed ones destroy the old enemy. We meet Coop the cupid :D The plot thickens with Billy and Christy! Paige and Henry end up getting married in the end. Really loved Paige and Henry’s wedding in the manor and seeing Coop meet Phoebe for the first time. Loved how Coop grabs her leg in the exact same way Cole did :P

“Generation Hex”

Paige goes on her honeymoon. Christy is acting cold and trying to turn Billie against the sisters. Billie and Christy’s parents are back and something tragic happens. Coop say’s Phoebe is resisting love and wants to help her. Coop uses his ring to take Phoebe into the past and see her past loves. We see Dec, Anton (past Phoebe’s lover) , Jason, Leslie , Drake and Cole. Two of Leo’s students come to Piper for help. Some demons that Leo locked up in Magic School got free and are killing his students. In the end Coop heals Phoebes heart :) Really love this episode because of Coop and Phoebe :D

“Kill Billie Vol 2.”

The sisters are trapped in the underworld. The sisters decide to unleash The Hollow to stop Billie and Christy once and for all. Billie and Christy also decide to use The Hollow. Both parties come face to face in a awesome showdown. It seems like Piper and Billie were the only survivors. Leo is back though. What a cliffhanger!!

“Forever Charmed”

Piper must find a way to save her sisters using Coops ring. We see past Patty and Grams. Future Wyatt and Chris appear aswell. The end of the episode is really well done and finishes the series in a good manner.


Season 8 is a good end to the series overall but I think it could have ended at Season 7 if a few things were changed. “Forever Charmed” was the perfect ending so im glad they went with that. There are many things I disliked about this Season though, the budget cut didn’t help sadly! Christy is one of the worst characters in the series. At first I hated Billie but as the Season progresses you care more about her. The story about Billie and Christy was good though, a bit more attention to that would have been nice. Billy is actually a pretty powerful witch with Telekinesis and Projection. Christy had the powers of Telepathy and Pyrokinesis. They made good rivals for the Charmed ones.

Because of the budget Coop and Henry seemed to be just thrown into the show too late, they are good characters though! Leo leaving the show was sad but at least he came back. Phoebe didn’t really do much this season and she was constantly obsessed with finding a guy and having kids, even when Coop came along she rejected him! Despite this Season 8 ends on a good note and the story continues in the comic book series. 

IMAmedia say’s GOOD.

SH Revelations

So i watched the new Silent Hill movie the other day. Really did not enjoy it compared to the first movie, found myself bored to be honest! The whole plot was jumbled compared to Silent Hill 3. Adelaide Clemens was a decent actress but everyone else was pretty dull. Sean Bean was hard to watch at some points.

IMAmedia say’s POOR.


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Charmed Season 7 


Writer - Various

Director - Various

Release Date - September 12th 2004 , February 6th 2007 (DVD)

Season 7 introduces the Avatars although we have seen them before. The Avatars seem to be a neutral power who want to bring about Utopia. Along with the Avatars we have one of the smartest demons in Charmed, Zankou (Oded Fehr). Leo is still in a dark place and seems to be going crazy, is he really? Paige becomes headmistress of Magic School and meets new love interest Kyle Brody (Kerr Smith). Kyle and the Avatars seem to be connected somehow. Phoebe has two love interests this season with Leslie St. Claire (Nick Lachey) and ex demon Drake de Mon (Billy Zane). Inspector Sherridan (Jenya Lano) also returns this season with Darryl. Sadly this is Dorian Gregory’s final season. Phoebe gets her premonition power back and Paige seems to be able to glamour a lot more. We see Paige take on her Whitelighter duties. This season has a lot of great guest appearances such as Charisma Carpenter as Kyra The Seer, Billy Zane as Drake de Mon and the final appearance of Billy Drago (Barbas). There are some others but I wont spoil the surprise.

Season Highlights

Cheaper by the Coven” - Grams is summoned for Chris Wiccaning. Grams ends up casting a spell to end Wyatt and Chris sibling rivalry but it backfires. The sisters bicker at each other like teens. Some demon is attacking Wyatt and Leo works with a demonic Seer (Charisma Carpenter) to figure out the problem. We also see Victor and Patty together for Chris Wiccaning which is nice.

Charrrmed!” - The sisters are up against Pirates in this episode. Paige is ageing drastically after being attacked, the sisters must find a way to save her. Inspector Sherridan gets help from new Inspector Kyle Brody (Kerr Smith). Phoebe bonds with Leslie.

Styx Feet Under” - Paige casts a protection spell on a innocent to try and save him from a demon/mortal, Sirk (Zack Ward). The spell backfires and the Innocent cant die so the Angel of Death (Simon Templeman) recruits Piper to collect souls. Paige and Phoebe protect a woman who is pregnant with the demon/mortals last relative. This episode reminds me of Season 1 with Prue and half demon/mortal.

Someone To Witch Over Me” - Kyle Brody and Paige team up to solve some mysterious murders. A demon called Sarpedon is after innocents Guardian Angels. Phoebe and Piper are trying to help Leo defeat his demons by taking a vision quest. On the vision quest Chris (Drew Fuller) appears to help Leo!! This Chris is more like a manifestation of Leo’s pain though. The end of the episode is very exciting especially with Leo. Peter Woodward (Aku the Celerity demon) also portrayed the half faced Source.

Charmed Noir” - Paige and Kyle get sucked into a Crime Novel “Crossed, Double – Crossed” at magic school. The book is set in the 1930’s where some gangsters are after the Burmese Falcon. Piper, Phoebe and Leo write in the book to change the story and save Paige and Brody. This episode is really unique as it is played in black and white except for the scenes not involving Paige and Brody.

There’s Something About Leo” - Leo unveils the truth to Piper. This sets about a huge catastrophe which ends up in time being rewound by the Avatars. Paige and Kyle go on a date and Piper and Leo have a touching moment. This is just a really crazy episode, hard to talk about without huge spoilers.

Witchness Protection” - Leo is protecting Kyra a demonic Seer (Charisma Carpenter). The Seer has information to help the sisters destroy the new ultimate power that is about. Phoebe receives a very beautiful vision from Kyra which leads her to believe Utopia and the Avatars could be good. Paige and Kyle are against this idea and Leo tells Piper and Phoebe his secret. Meanwhile some demons release Zankou (Oded Fehr) to destroy the Avatars. Zankou is the most powerful demon we have seen thus far using his wits to get what he wants. Charisma Carpenter is really hilarious in this episode.

Extreme Makeover: World Edition” - Utopia begins and the sisters try and take out any left over demons. Kyle is still sceptical about the Avatars and Zankou kidnaps him! Zankou and Kyle work together to stop the Avatars. Things get crazy and the end of the episode is pretty sad. Leo is actually unsure about Utopia. What a cliffhanger! Great acting from Rose McGowan in this episode.

Charmageddon” - The sisters seem to love the new demon free world but Leo thinks they are not expressing emotions properly. Just what do the Avatars do with people who cause conflict? Leo gets into some trouble trying to sort things out. Looks like its up to the sisters and Zankou to end Utopia. This episode is really exciting but ends on a sad note :(

Show Ghouls” - Drake (Billy Zane) was introduced in the episode before this but I prefer this episode over that one. Darryl’s friend is possessed by the spirit of a man killed in a club fire. Phoebe and Drake go back in time to 1899, hopefully to save the spirit. Love the chemistry between Phoebe and Drake in this episode.

The Seven Year Witch” - Leo receives punishment from the Elders. The Elders make him mortal and wipe his memories. If Leo chooses the Elders he will become one forever, if he finds his way back to Piper he can be with his family again. The news makes Piper fall into a coma where she finds herself in a cosmic void between life and death. In this void Piper meets a familiar face! The familiar friend tells Piper never to give up on Leo, they have a powerful connection. Such a sad episode but it ends on a positive note. Holly Marrie Combs and Brian Krause are pushed to limits yet again this episode. This is the last episode for Billy Zane as Drake, a very touching scene between him and Phoebe. Also got to love the plot twist between Drake and the familiar friend

Little Box of Horrors” - The demon Katya (Michelle Hurd) wants to release the evils of Pandora’s Box. The box teleports to its next Guardian who happens to be a teenager. Hope (Brooke Nevin) opens the box and releases the first wave of sorrow. Katya tries to trick her while the sisters try and save Hope, her friend and the box. Paige is tested by the Elders to find and help a future white lighter.

Imaginary Friends” - Wyatt has a imaginary friend but it is a demon! The demon Vicus is trying to turn Wyatt evil. Piper casts a spell to try and understand baby Wyatt. The spell backfires and brings 25 year old Wyatt (Wes Ramsey) from the future! Wyatt is super powerful and we see him burn demons to a crisp. Things get bad when Vicus turns baby Wyatt evil. Great acting from Brian Krause and Wes Ramsey this episode. Really love the end of the episode when Wyatt say’s goodbye and Piper sends him back to the future.

Death Becomes Them” - Zankou plans to get the Book of Shadows. Working with a demonic alchemist he tries to break down the sisters emotionally. The Alchemist brings back some familiar faces from the dead! We really get to see how smart Zankou is in this episode. Darryl is still trying to protect the sisters and Sherridan is more suspicious. Oded Fehr is just awesome. I really love this line that Zankou say’s “Impressive. Most impressive. But you’re gonna learn to like me yet” this line is a lot like what Darth Vader say’s in Star Wars “Impressive. Most impressive. But you’re not a Jedi yet”

Something Wicca This Way Goes…?” - Zankou plans to get the Shadow from the Nexus now that he has the Book of Shadows. Its the final showdown and the sisters decide to use a spell to destroy the Nexus and Zankou even if it means they die in the process. I like the scene where Piper and Phoebe are talking about old spells they cast in past seasons. This is my second favourite season finale after “All Hell Breaks Loose” This episode shares a lot of similarities to that episode to be honest. When the sisters cast a astral projection spell its a clear homage to Prue. The manor door closing could well be Prue’s spirit aswell.


Season 7 is a really great season. I still prefer season 6’s overall story arch compared to this one though. The season as a whole seems well balanced, less fantasy based episodes and more demons/monsters. Zankou (Oded Fehr) was a superb addition to the show and is easily one of my favourite demons. I really loved Kyle Brody, Kyra , Drake, Leslie and the other few returning characters. The final episode could have been a good end to the show but it also leads well into Season 8.

IMAmedia say’s GREAT.

Charmed Season 6

Writer - Various

Director - Various

Release Date - September 28, 2003 , 2006 (DVD)

Season 6 is alot darker than Season 5. The season centers around the Chris (Drew Fuller) and Wyatt story arch. We were introduced to Chris in the Season 5 finale. Chris comes from the future, that is all we know for now! We get introduced to Magic School, a rip off from Harry Potter?. We meet the Elder Gideon here. Darryl features more often throughout this season. Phoebe gets a new active power, empathy. Paige gets alot of temp jobs to try and get away from her magic life (alot like Phoebe in Season 3). Along the way Paige meets Richard Montana, a new love interest. Leo and Piper are struggling with their relationship this season. We also meet Inspector Sheridan (Jenya Lano).

Season Highlights

"Valhalley of The Dolls Part 1 and Part 2"

A really great season opener. Leo altered Pipers memory to ease her pain. Chris is the sisters new whitelighter, from the future. Leo gets trapped on the island of Valhalla and the sisters must save him. Phoebe becomes a empath! Piper ends up as a proper Valkyrie. Really great scene between Piper, Phoebe and Leo. Poor Piper :( Leo is suspicious of Chris and Paige saves a innocent through her first temp job. Smash Mouth play live on Part 1.

"Forget Me…Not"

The Cleaners take Wyatt and erase the sisters memory. Everyone has forgotten what they are doing. Piper and Paige write a memory blank spell. The spell takes them back in time before Wyatt was taken. Wyatt conjures a dragon from the TV, this is why the cleaners took him. The sisters must cover up the magic that has been exposed! Phoebe struggles with her empathy and Paige gets revenge on the boss at her new temp job.

"Little Monsters"

The sisters are up against some manticores this episode. The sisters are trying to protect a half manticore/human baby. Phoebe is dating her new bf Jason. Phoebe say’s she “loves him too” because of her empathy! Really funny scene. Paige casts a Invincibility spell on Darryl. It’s good to see a creature episode again!

"Chris – Crossed"

The truth all comes out this episode! We meet Bianca (Marisol Nichols) who seems to know Chris very well. For the first time we see who Chris really is! We see the future and why Chris is here. In the future we see Wyatt (Wes Ramsey) who has control of the world. This is easily one of the best episodes of Season 6. Poor Chris! :( Really love the whole time travel aspect, flashforwards and future Wyatt. Great acting from Drew Fuller. 

"Prince Charmed"

Piper gives up on love and wants to protect Wyatt. Paige and Phoebe conjure up a “perfect man” for her! (Eduardo Verastegui). Chris is still trying to protect Wyatt. Chris tells everyone the truth about Wyatt in the future. No one wants to listen though. Poor Chris :( This is a really hilarious episode though. Got to love the food fight! It ends on a touching note though.

"The Legend Of Sleepy Halliwell"

We get introduced to Magic School this episode. We meet Gideon (Gildart Jackson). Someone lets out a headless horseman, the sisters must find out who conjured him. Phoebe goes on a vision quest from a young shaman. Phoebe is now obsessed with her future. The end of this episode is really exciting! Ziggy Marley plays at P3.

"The Courtship Of Wyatt’s Father"

Paige and Phoebe try to get Piper and Leo intimate. Leo and Piper end up on the ghostly plain. During this we see Leo and Piper get close. Chris encounters a Angel of Death but refuses to leave. Really love the scenes with Piper and Leo. Paige and Phoebe tell Piper the big “secret”. Also what is Gideon up to?

"Hyde School Reunion"

Phoebe attends her high school reunion. Apparently Phoebe was quite the rebel! Phoebe finds a poem. The spell makes Phoebe revert to her “rebel” self! Leo doesn’t know Piper is pregnant again. Chris meets Victor, really funny scenes. Phoebe causes trouble at her reunion and meets her old friends. They want to bust Rick (Rodney Gittridge) out of jail, to become a complete gang. Rick seems like trouble though..Pretty funny seeing Phoebe as her “rebel” self. The scenes with Chris and Victor are hilarious and touching.

"Spin City"

Chris still has a grudge against Leo. The sisters come up against a Spider Demon (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe). Chris gets bitten and turns into a Spider Demon. I suppose this is a rip off from Spiderman…The end of this episode is awesome though. Chris and Leo having a brawl! The plot thickens with Gideon, Paige helps the magical community and Chris reveals his issues with Leo. Andy Stochansky plays live at P3.

"Witch Wars"

This whole episode makes fun of reality TV shows. Witch Wars is a demon reality show. Someone is working with the demons of the show, hopefully to distract the sisters. The sisters end up being the entertainment! Phoebe kicks some serious ass in this episode. Everyone thinks the future is safe but is it?…Really love this episode. Alot of cool fight scenes and what a great ending!

"It’s A Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World Part 1"

Chris is getting ready to return to the future. After saying goodbye, Chris and Leo enter the portal. They end up in a parallel world instead! A evil version of Chris and Leo end up in the real world. Paige and Phoebe go into the evil world. In the evil world Leo and Chris find Barbas, in this world he is the demon of hope. Pretty hilarious. Paige and Phoebe encounter their evil versions. Barbas tells Leo who is after Wyatt!! Phoebe, Paige , evil Phoebe and Paige cast a spell on evil Gideon. This alters the cosmic balance. Back in the real world it seems like everything is TOO good! The episode ends on such a cliffhanger! I really like the parallel world and the fight scene with Phoebe, Paige, evil Phoebe and Paige is pretty cool.

"Its a Bad,Bad,Bad,Bad World Part 2"

Barbas has teamed up with the evil now. The real world is way too happy. Doing anything bad causes a limb to be removed! Piper is in hospital, complications arise with the baby. Barbas tricks Piper into casting a spell. The spell makes Phoebe and Paige overly happy. Chris tries to protect Wyatt and something shocking happens. Leo has to knock Paige and Phoebe out of the spell. Chris’s time is running out. Leo goes completely nuts at the end!! The cosmic balance has to be restored. After some shocking events we see Piper’s baby. This episode is really hilarious yet turns out to be very shocking and sad. Who knew Leo could be such a badass! Got to feel for him though :(

Overall season 6 is probably my third favourite season. I really love the Chris/Wyatt storyline. The episodes in general seem alot better. Phoebe’s empathy made for some great episodes. I really liked Jason and Richard and it was nice to see more Darryl. They seem to have got the right balance this season, episode wise. The Season has enough humour, action and touching scenes. It was hard to pick out episodes as i love all of S6 (much like S3 and S4) The Season premier and finale were both amazing. Overall a great season.

IMAmedia say’s GREAT.

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Charmed Season 5

Writer – Various , Brian Krause (Sense and Sense Ability)

Director – Various

Release Date – Sep 22nd 2002 , 2006 (DVD)

This is a more light hearted , comical and fantasy based season. I suppose it makes a change from the darker Season 4. We see fairy tales come to life, mermaids, nymphs, leprechauns. Not as much demons this season but they are around. The Cole/Phoebe story arc continues at the start of this season. We finally see the story arch come to a end though. To be honest it would have made more sense to end it at Season 4. We see the Avatars for the first time. The story arch for Season 5 revolves around Piper being pregnant and having her magical baby. We see how Piper and Leo deal with keeping the baby safe. Phoebe is busy with her advice column and meets new love interest Jason Dean. Paige grows as a witch and a whitelighter. The end of this season introduces us to Chris. Chris plays a major role in Season 6. Leo also goes through a major change.

Season Highlights

“A Witch’s Tail Part 1 and Part 2” - The sisters help a mermaid (Jaime Pressly) who made a pact with a Sea Hag. Phoebe turns into a mermaid to be free. Always had a obsession with mermaids so I really enjoyed this double episode!

“Witches In Tights” - A demon called Arnon is using a young witch (Andrew James Allen) to bring drawings to life. The sisters are turned into super heroes. Really cool episode.

“The Eyes Have It” - The sisters are up against Cree, a Gypsy Hunter who is after Gypsy eyes for his father Orin (Tobin Bell). Loved this episode because of Tobin Bell! Also you have to laugh at Piper watching that home birthing video!

“Sympathy for The Demon” - Its our favourite demon Barbas!! This time he wants Cole’s demonic powers.

“A Witch In Time” - Phoebe tries to save her new bf Miles (Ken Marino) from death multiple times. Meanwhile Cole has a visitor from the future..

“Sam, Iam” - Paige has her first charge as a whitelighter. Unknown to her the charge is someone very familiar..Piper’s baby forms a protection shield from inside. Very touching episode. The Flaming Lips play at P3.

“The Importance of Being Phoebe” - Cole has lost it and works with a shape shifter called Kaia (Angela Little). The shape shifter can morph into Phoebe and satisfy Cole. Cole wants to open up the nexus, become the ultimate power and have Phoebe to himself again. Really cool episode. It’s nice to see more of the nexus!

“Centennial Charmed” - Cole creates a alternate reality. In this alternate reality Paige does not exist and the power of 3 was never re constituted. This is Cole’s twisted attempt to have Phoebe forever. We say goodbye to Julian in this episode aw. Michelle Branch plays at P3.

“The Day the Magic Died” - Piper has her baby. Really sweet ending.

“Cat House” - Piper and Leo are having marital problems. At a counsellor Piper ends up casting a memory spell. The memory spell takes Phoebe and Paige back through the past! Kit the cat returns and we finally find out her secret. Really loved all the flashbacks in this episode. Probably my favourite episode of the season.

Sense and Sense Ability” - The Crone is back and steals the sisters senses. Really hilarious episode. Love Phoebes “PMS monkey!” line. Paige dates Nate “Norman Reedus!” Brian Krause actually came up with the story for this episode.

Necromancing the Stone” - Piper is getting ready for Wyatt’s wiccaning. Grams does not like that Piper had a boy. The sisters deal with the Necromancer (Chris Sarandon) who Grams seems to know..

Oh My Goddess! Part 1 and Part 2” - The two part season finale. The mythical gods, the Titans are released. Chris (Drew Fuller) appears and tells the sisters he came from the future. Leo is in the heavens then gives the sisters powers from the gods. The sisters turn into Greek Goddesses to battle the Titans. This is one of my favourite season finales. It was cool to see the sisters as gods, being introduced to Chris and seeing what happens to Leo. Such a sad ending with a cliffhanger!

Overall Season 5 is a good season but not one of my favourites. I think they took a risk with the whole fantasy based episodes. For the most part I enjoy the fantasy episodes except the Nymph and Leprechauns ones. The plot was really stupid. Who turns a demon into a tree!? I’m not too fond of the whole baby story arch although this gets better in Season 6 (fans know what I mean). With great episodes like Cat House and Oh My Goddess! There is plenty to enjoy this season. I have to say that season 5 is the most hilarious season so far. So who is Chris?, How will Piper and Leo cope? All will be revealed in Season 6.

IMAmedia says GOOD.